FAQs - LOEWE Craft Prize 2017

What are the requirements for participation in this prize?
Please read the Rules of Entry of the LOEWE Craft Prize to learn about all the requirements necessary for participation.
Is the LOEWE Craft Prize an international award?
Yes, all nationalities are welcome.
I am under 18 years. Can I participate providing I have authorisation from my parents?
No, you must be over 18 years old to participate.
Who do you consider a professional artisan?
You should be dedicated to crafts as a profession, and participate actively in exhibitions, galleries, fairs, etc. You do not necessarily need to make a living out of it.
I am a student, can I participate?
You can participate only if you are over 18 and if you can demonstrate in your biographical background that you are dedicated to crafts as a profession; that is, that you actively participate in exhibitions, galleries, fairs, etc.
Can I submit more than one work?
Yes, each participant can submit a maximum of 3 works or entries as an individual or collective in each call.
My work does not fall in any of the categories of applied arts listed in the Rules of Entry. Can I participate?
Yes, if you comply with all other requirements in the Rules of Entry, you can submit your work.
I produce beautiful traditional crafts from my country. Can I participate?
We really appreciate and value traditional crafts. However, this prize is aimed at modern craft. The work presented must be innovative and updated traditional craft. Also, it must have an artistic vision, to make it relevant today.
I've used my work to participate in a different contest, but did not win a prize. Can I submit this work to this prize?
Yes, as long as it has not won any previous awards and it meets all other requirements of the LOEWE Craft Prize Rules of Entry. Works presented in previous calls of this competition will not be admitted.
Can I present the work simultaneously to another prize?
No, it is not possible to present the same work simultaneously to another prize.
Can I participate with a work that has been previously exhibited?
Yes, it may have been previously exhibited in galleries, institutions, etc., but it cannot have won an award.
Can I participate with a work that has been created more than 10 years ago?
No, it must be a recent creation, from the last decade.
My work has some industrial components, can I participate?
Yes, the work must be handmade or partly handmade, so it may have some industrial components.
I have created and designed the craft work I want to present, but I have not actually made it myself. I subcontracted the making process. Can I participate?
Yes, you can participate as long as you are recognised as the author of the piece.
I will present 3 works. Do I have to make 3 registrations?
If you present these 3 works as an individual, then you only have to fill out your personal information once and you can add your 3 works under the same profile. However, if for example you present one of these works with another maker as a team submission, then this work would be a new entry.
We are 2 makers and together we have created a small company. Can we participate?
Yes you can, but as a group of 2 makers, not as a company. This prize recognises individuals, not companies of any kind.
We are 2 makers and as a group we are going to present a work. We are from Finland and Norway. We live and work in London. Which country should we fill out in the form?
We recommend you fill out the country you wish to represent or which you think your work represents best.
What is the artistic name of the maker or group?
It is the name with which you first want to be referred to in this prize. If you are an individual maker, your name and artistic name might or might not be the same. If you present the work as a group, your artistic name might be all your individual names or perhaps you have an artistic name as a group.
If we participate as a group, who would receive the prize money?
Unless otherwise specified by the spokesperson of the group, the amount would be divided between the number of makers in the group and transferred to each maker.
When and how will the winners be notified?
The LOEWE FOUNDATION will get in touch with all the Finalists using the telephone number and/or email provided in the entry form after the Experts Panel selects the shortlist in February 2017, and the winner will be contacted after the Jury reaches their decision in April 2017.
Is there a registration fee?
No, there is no registration fee.
Can I email my presentation directly to the contact address?
No, entries can only be submitted through the www.loewecraftprize.com webpage from 12 April 2016 to 30 November 2016 inclusive. Submissions sent via email will be ignored and destroyed.
Can I fill in the information of the registration form in another language?
No, all information can only be submitted in English.
Do you have to fill the information all at once?
No, you don’t have to fill it all at once. You can save each section as you add information. You can add and modify as many times as you need before submitting your work. But please remember than once you submit your entry you can no longer make changes.
I have submitted my work through www.loewecraftprize.com, and now I need to change some information in it. What do I do?
You can make as many changes as you need before submitting your entry. However, we are sorry to tell you that once you have submitted your work you can no longer make changes. You would have to delete your account and make a new registration.
I have submitted my work through www.loewecraftprize.com, and I no longer wish to participate. What do I do?
You can delete your account through the website.
I am having trouble uploading my work.
Make sure each photo meets the following requirements: jpg or png format, minimum size 800 x 600 px and maximum size 6 Mb. The video must have a maximum duration of 1 minute, and maximum size of 20 Mb in mp4 format.
I need to change the email address with which I have signed in. What do I do?
To do this, you must contact craftprize@loewe.es. All other information you can change yourself though the website.
I still have another question.
If none of the above answers your question, please contact us through craftprize@loewe.es